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Nut-nougat Cream Or Known Around The World As Nutella

Submerge in the sweet chocolate world of Nutella

Do you have is ever viewed the film adaptation of the story of Charlie and the chocolate factory - actually one of the most popular (particularly in ) films of Tim Burton! Johnny Depp plays the role of Willy Wonka - owner of a chocolate factory, whose Konkurenten by any means trying to steal the secret recipes of his Schokotafeln. He withdraws therefore in solitude until he finally meets Charlie and experienced the biggest adventure of his life. Imagine now, that Willy Wonka does actually exist in real life and Michele Ferrero is called. Sounds this name known? Maybe it you just occurred, that you sold a box of sweets called Ferrero Rocher in the nearest shop? Then you have advised it correctly! Other chocolate work among the inventions "the father" of the aforementioned chocolates, his most famous and worldwide known masterpiece is Nutella however and has "sweetened" the lives of thousands.

Nut nougat-creme - how did Nutella to the world?

The chocolate empire exists in the first place thanks to the decision by Micheles father Pietro, son of a farmer from Piedmont and descendants of a farmer family, to go his own way. He wanted to sell the soldiers in Asmara - the capital city of Eritrea (a country colonized by Mussolini in northeastern Africa) pastries and confectionery.

This plan failed however, and same Pietro returned, after the outbreak of the second world war, home. Because of the great poverty in the post-war period and of the high cocoa price, Pietro met the decision, ground hazelnuts add expensive cocoa - they were at that time to find a fairly cheap price and grew in abundance around the town of Alba. In this way, he created "a chocolate for the poor". Initially, Nutella was offered in the form of a chocolate block named pasta gianduja , was cut off and eaten with bread.

As pasta gianduja , Nutella was known more than 50 years ago

However, this invention enjoyed a fairly large interest and erstaulichen success. End of 1950 have 200 cars available, with which he cross delivered the goods throughout the country were Pietro. His son Michele took over the business in 1957 and added olive oil sugar and a few drops of the strange mixture, to make a creamy consistency of the product - so entschand from the block of chocolate hazelnut spread! Namely Michele gave the name Nutella its nutty nougat cream (use uss is characterized, from the English word for N while -ella is an Italian suffix) and started to sell his product in glass. If you collect the nuts required for the production of Nutella for two years, you could fill a just as large basket like the Colosseum!

The unique chocolate taste is celebrated around the world

Ahmed cake nut nougat cream birthday

Numerous statistics after you eat Nutella most in Germany, France and Italy are then in second place. 2014 the sweet seduction was 50 years old, the birthday was in 50 countries around the world celebrated - from Russia to Canada, from the Middle East to China, from the United States to Australia. The birthplace of Nutella were distributed on the streets from early morning to Nutella jars to residents and visitors of the city.

Have you created your individual Nutella label?

As the company wanted to close to its customers, "Chocoholics" were given an opportunity to personalize the label of their Lieblingsschokoglasses and even to make end of 2015. To transform the experience of chocolate into a personal experience, the Nutella branches all over the world have performed this special offer on which many have taken part - among the stakeholders, one discovers even people with a good sense of humor.

Nutella in the preparation of different sweets

The nut-nougat cream is many different treats underlying - cakes, cookies, muffins, etc and can be perfectly combined with bananas, apples and even with watermelon. A dessert that is particularly popular with the Italians is the chocolate-Nutella pizza! It sounds weird, tastes however pretty tasty! And how easy it - is rühen a normal pizza dough and bake for about 20 minutes. immediately after spreading with Nutella and leave in the oven for 1 minute; Finally sprinkle with hazelnuts or powdered sugar, cut and serve immediately! The mouth water already happened you together?

A nut-nougat cream could get but on the other hand, what is actually more or less the same thing!

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