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Clove Spice - A Miracle Cure For Body And Soul!

Cloves are a spice that you all year long enjoy. The clove spice has a strong, very intense aroma. Wonderfully sweet, both bitter foods can be used.

This popular spice is actually derived from dried flower buds of the tropical Nelkenwürzbaums out. It is there an evergreen tree with the Latin name of Myrtaceae. It grows to a height of 8-12 m and has oval, purple flowers.

The cloves used not only in gastronomy. They are very popular among fans of aroma therapy. The cloves are a remedy from the traditional Chinese medicine. They are strong antiseptics and used even in the cigarette production.

In Europe, the cloves are known since the 4.Jahrhundert. The aromatic spice came to us about the Arabs, where his hometown is Indonesia.

Clove spice - the nutrients

More than 270 calories are included in 100 grams of cloves. In it there is also a significant amount of carbohydrates. They are approximately 63%. There are also proteins 13 grams fat and approximately 6 grams.

The sugar content is less than 3%.

The cloves are a very good source of vitamin K, iron, magnesium and fiber.

Health benefits for the consumer of clove

The cloves are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The most valuable ingredient, however, is Euganol. He has the ability to destroy fungi in the body. Euganol has a strong antibacterial and antiseptic effect. You can relieve your stomach intestine system thus. Almost all typical unpleasant symptoms in this area of the body can be treated successfully.

Test the quality of cloves!

You can find the cloves in the form of dried buds, as well as powder on the market. The first variant is usually better if you want to enjoy a more intense flavor. Rather, you should purchase the cloves as organic product. This means that they were sustainably obtained and processed clean, without toxins.

The good clove oil should cut itself off from the printing of the buds. You can test the quality with a glass of water. Let the buds to swim. Older cloves swim there vertical and newer are heavier. They touch the bottom of the Cup after a short time and remain there in a horizontal position.

Clove spice - ideas for use

You can taste many exotic dishes with Carnation spice. This applies to a number of Asian meat dishes. The cloves are used in Asian cooking much and liked.

There is also oil of cloves. It is externally mainly used as cosmetic means. It has a tonic, antiseptic and analgesic effect. Massage so this oil warms up certainly you.

You can make more tea, smoothies, face masks with cloves. Here is also a very special tip from us: you try it with a green salad with tuna, rice, pickle and lettuce!

We hope that you often access after this practical info to the cloves, to insure a relaxed and beautiful life.

Properly, maintain the clove spice!

Also the cloves in a glass in a dark and dry place should be kept like all other spices. The dried cloves may be stored for up to six months and those in powder State - up to a.

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