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Discover Berlin Currywurst - A World-renowned Cult Icon!

A real cult has developed around the Berlin Currywurst

The famous Berlin Currywurst is waiting for you at each U - and s-Bahn station, on every corner in Berlin, in any authentic German restaurant! Its unique taste is popular with young and old and is by some even called "a feast for all the senses". The fame of the Curry sausage has long since exceeded the borders of Germany and get a really international recognition.

Although several preparations of this classic are known, they differ from each other only in the smallest details - hot or mild, with or without intestinal.

The curry powder makes especially delicious sausage

This combination of sausage and tomato sauce with curry powder or Curry ketchup (as a side dish to get often a small white buns or fries) has in the course of time a direct part of the German culture turned into and consumed anytime, anywhere. The Germans are really proud of this culinary masterpiece!

Come along on a tour of Berlin and discover the best Currywurst in town

On the Schönhauser Alee, under the elevated train of U2, one of the most popular Curry sausage stalls of all Berlin - Konnopke located's snack. The food stall in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg has existed since 1930 and has since become an attraction. Every town visitor feels attracted by the smell to the delicious home-made tomato sauce Konnopke family and comes here to try their own taste - no one can imitate the recipe, because it remains until today a family secret. Konnopke BB´s snack 1960 introduced the first Currywurst in West Berlin and at that time became the favorite Curry sausage shack of East Berlin.

A further, very famous food stall is known - on the Mehringdamm 36 under the name "Currywurst 36" (no coincidence!-the name is indeed marked by number). The former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was a regular here and enjoyed the taste of Currywurst here prepared and offered regularly. The hungry have to wait but sometimes for hours at a yard-long snake, until it provided they end with a portion. Often one buys something else to eat in the meantime, just to satisfy the hunger until you reach the turn.

A real classic among the Curry sausage stalls

The Berliner Currywurst is much more than a precious Court - it is a hallmark of German culture. In 1982, Herbert Grönemeyer of Currywurst has dedicated a song and as a result gained many new fans. the Novella "The development of the Currywurst" published in 1993, this was filmed in 2008.

We all sing along!

In Germany approximately 800 million Curry sausages are eaten every year. The Berliner Currywurst as a midnight snack at the Federal press - the most important social event is served across the country. Important guests from politics, culture and economy the famous Berlin speciality will be offered point 0:00.

The German Currywurst Museum Berlin

Berlin Currywurst museum tasty food

Since 2009, the Berliner Currywurst has her own Museum in the 70 Schützenstrasse in Berlin. A rich, interesting and entertaining exhibition covers the history of Currywurst and reveals to visitors why and how the Curry sausage through the years has become a real icon. Step by step, the guests discover odd facts about the invention, preparation and worldwide dissemination of the Berlin speciality. Who's hungry, can pick up at any time by the way a tasty Curry sausage by the snack stand.

And they? Surely you've got already hunger or.?

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