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3 Recipes For Easy Meals With Honeydew Melon

Tasty recipes with honey melon

The light and specific taste of honeydew melon is good for getting the palate! This melon is very well suited as a starter, main course and dessert. It makes for a additional Priese freshness to any any court.

Today, we want to enrich your summer menu with 3 delicious recipes with honeydew melon. Check out our delicious ideas and if they conform to your jasminlive tastes, try them out.

Pasta Salad with Bacon, ricotta and honey melon

Ingredients needed:

60 g chopped Bacon (or Black Forest ham)

100-120 g pasta according to request

3 SL olive oil

2 SL white wine vinegar

2 teacups dice wise cut honeydew melon

1/3 tea cups fresh mint

1/2 onion

Red and black pepper

30 g ricotta


Preheat the oven to 205.

Spread the bacon in a sheet on parchment paper and Bake until a golden color arises - CA. 25 minutes long. Allow the bacon to cool down and cut it into pieces.

In the meantime, Cook the pasta in salted water. After they're done, drain the water and allow to cool the noodles to the side.

Mix the olive oil and the vinegar in a large bowl together. Add the noodles, the honeydew melon, chopped onion, spices and half of the bacon and Mint. Season with salt and pepper to taste off.

Give the rest of the bacon and Mint along with the ricotta cheese to the salad and serve.

Risotto with honeydew melon and Proshutto

Ingredients needed:

6 tea cups vegetable broth

2 tea cups rice

1 tea cup of dry white wine

1/2 honeydew melon

1/4 cup mascarpone cheese

2 Teetasen butter

2 onions

1 garlic clove

50 g Parma ham

fresh basil


Bring the vegetable broth to boiling.

Melt the butter in a large pot on medium level. Add the honeydew melon that you have rubbed in advance, two onions, and the garlic clove. Leave everything for 8-10 minutes gluckern till it thickens. Pour the two cups of rice and a glass of white wine and leave for about 2 minutes on the stove. Add always half a cup of the vegetable broth by waiting something up to the next input. Stir constantly until all the broth and leave on the stove. Before serving give the mascarpone, the Parma ham and Basil added.

Recipe ideas - Carpaccio of cantaloupe and lime

Ingredients needed:

1/2 cup sugar

4 stems Mint + some leaves to decorate

1/2 tsp chilli

1/2 vanilla stick - in the length of cut

1/2 cup lime juice

Half of a medium sized melon

Coconut or lemon sorbet

1 Teaspoon grated lime Sadik


To cook the sugar with 1/4 cup water in a small bowl over a medium flame, you stir constantly until the sugar dissolves. Then to add the Mint, the chili and the vanilla. Take off the heat down and leave the syrup for 15 minutes. Then sift through the syrup, and stir the lime juice. This syrup can be made a week in advance, but should be kept in the refrigerator.

Arrange the slices in a glass plate and pour over the syrup. Cover with kitchen foil and let cool for two hours in the refrigerator.

Distribute the pieces of honeydew melon into serving dish. Pour over with the remaining syrup and sprinkle with mint leaves and lime Sadiq before serving.

The Mangold Vegetables - The Unknown Super Food

The healthiest vegetables - the Swiss chard

As we all were, is green leafy vegetables very healthy and rich in nutrients. The spinach, nettle, Chinese cabbage and the dock are well known to all of us, but how many of you have heard somewhat of Mangold vegetables? Today we would like to explain love, why this is called the Super food.

The Mangold vegetables

The chard is very similar to spinach and other sheet beet vegetable varieties. He is popular in Mediterranean cuisine and its first use has been documented in Sicily. This is one of the healthiest places of green leafy vegetables, because it is a rich source of many nutrients. The chard is very impressive even by Jasminelive appearance.

Its leaves are painted in various bright colors - red, yellow and purple and are a real treat for the eyes.

The ingredients

This leafy vegetables is loaded with useful polyphenols, antioxidants and carotenoids, fight free radicals, inflammation and disease. The numerous health benefits when consumed of the mangolds come above all from the fact that the vegetables contains vitamin K, C, A, E, riboflavin and vitamin B6. With respect to the minerals it contains magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, sodium and copper.

Interesting facts about the chard vegetables

The Swiss chard is so healthy, that he is grown even in outer space. This leafy vegetables is one of the first foods that were grown in the planetary space stations of the astronauts. This choice is not random, but based on its valuable nutrition profile, she was hit.

To go - in 200 g boiled chard you can find in the concrete:

Only 35 calories

3 g proteins

4 g dietary fiber

7 g carbohydrates

572 mg vitamin K

306 mg vitamin A

5 mg vitamin C

150 mg of magnesium

961 mg manganese

89 mg vitamin E

95 mg iron

102 mg of calcium

Health benefits

The health benefits of the consumption of Swiss chard are truly amazing. He helps to regulate blood glucose levels and prevent the development of various cancer diseases. Improves digestion, stimulates the immune system, reduces fever and combat inflammation. The Mangold lowers the blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, increases bone strength, detoxifies the body and strengthens the brain function.

No wonder that the Swiss chard was called vegetable Super food, or not?

Tips For The Wedding Menu, Be Sure To Note!

Menu cards for your dream wedding

There are questions which you forcibly have to deal with during the preparation of your wedding. Should you prefer to arrange a buffet or prepare a menu card, on which every guest of his favorite food might choose? How many meals should you offer? Should they be traditional or exotic? How do feel adequately respected all guests, regardless of their personal chaturbate rooms preferences? How to answer these questions, is very much what an atmosphere you would like to have on the Festival. Continue to cultural differences play a role, because there are weddings, in which guests from different countries, cultures and religions participate more often. Last but not least are the trends of importance. The mode affects all areas of our lives and the weddings are no exception.

Wedding menu - modern or traditional?

What should a modern wedding menu look like? The right question would be he's feeling in the stomach. The look and offer her the wedding menu can be quite traditionally. It can appear still exotic or quite modern, as well as be defaulted something on request. Something else is important in the new trends: the food should be satisfying enough, so you can then long time dance and entertain themselves.

At the same time, the food may not too heavy lie in the stomach. The menu should respect the fact that more and more people have allergies to various products. A preliminary survey on special wishes of your guests can give you very much security in this regard.

Meat dishes, which are universal

The meat dishes, which is offered at a wedding that should be rather easy. Chicken and other kinds of poultry are always the best choice due to its neutral taste and smell and its universal cultural character. Offering this in various modern forms is a sustainable trend in weddings for many years.

Show sufficient respect for other cultures, vegans and vegetarians

There are still many people who respect only their own culture and their personal tastes, and somewhat arrogant towards them behave that are different. This approach is not appropriate. If you have invited to your wedding party vegan, vegetarian, or people with a different cultural background, the food on offer for them may be not poorer than this for others. If certain guests on the basis of a conviction or religious restraint can not eat certain products or want to eat, then their food would have to be held side of these the other. You will drop a piece of meat in vegan food not at random or for the vegetarian and meat supplements use an and the same spoon.

Place the guests after dinner.

Wedding food wedding organiesieren wedding menu

Guests with special food preferences should also have the opportunity to sit at a table together and enjoy their food there. Your place must be at a comfortable distance from others and yet not isolated act. It's a little complicated everything. But, in practice, you will find that there are enough variants for this. For example, a table with a special wedding menu can be positioned in the Middle, and occupied only with people who get a special offer of food. During the meal, all on their portions are concentrated and not directly see what others at the next table to eat.

Thyme - Healthy Effect And Slight Use!

Thyme - aroma and health from the garden!

Did you know that there are more than 60 different thyme species? Many of them used as healing and herbs. This can help you cough and bronchitis. Now remember surely already: thyme contains very often in the cough drops!

You can back up thanks to thyme an immune protection and also on its strong effect against microbes. Also, do not forget that the thyme has a wide application in the hospitality industry.

We would like to even the Latin name for the very curious call this natural gift: you is thymus vulgaris. Asia and the Mediterranean area is called as places of origin. Cultivated this plant however was first in North America.

A long term use!

Thyme oil live healthy essentiale oils

The ancient Egyptians used the Spice at the embalming. In some cultures it connects it still with the crossing of the boundary between this and the 'other' world.

In the European middle ages, this spice was a symbol of the fierce courage! The thyme in water mouthwash is used since the 16th century.

Thyme and health benefits for the Konsumierer

We have already said that the thyme has a beneficial effect on the bronchi. He still is a great help when you have problems with the stomach intestine system.

Thyme is also known for its effects as a detoxifying agent. This remedy from the garden is for example the so feared Escherichia, coli many dangerous bacteria, contrary to.

Health risks

There are no serious health risks in thyme consumption known. This is true but only if you enjoy the seasonings in small quantities.

The thyme should be avoided when heavy bleeding or risk of such. Before a surgery such as you must eat no thyme (you should avoid all two weeks this spice according to some experts about!). Also one does not recommend its consumption with hormonal problems.

Selection and retention

Prefer the fresh thyme before the dried. This way you can enjoy a more intense flavor. Buy no thyme with Brown, yellow or not fresh-looking leaves.

You must keep the fresh thyme in a damp paper towel in the refrigerator. The dry seal in a jar and can be stored in a dark, protected from humidity and Sun place.

Ideas for the application

The thyme is very popular as seasonings in cooking. If you want to taste a food cooking on a high flame with thyme, then do this just before you remove the dish from the oven. Otherwise, much of the good properties of the spice is lost.

This is true both for the dry spices and fresh thyme leaves.

You can drink the thyme as a tea. Let Cook a tablespoon of the Spice in 250 to 300 ml hot water only for a few minutes. Then you let the drink for another 10 minutes. Viola, your thyme tea is ready!

Oil and tinctures from thyme are used in massages.

Some very tasty food!

Finally we inform you on some dishes that taste especially good with thyme. These are for example scrambled eggs and omelettes, various bean dishes, rice and fish dishes. Thyme can be used to prepare chicken, lamb, pork and beef.

You can add thyme to taste many vegetable dishes.

We are sure that you come up with the time many delicious recipes with thyme will allow us. Enjoy this healing and herbs from our own garden!

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