• TOSA is a hothouse of innovation to serve sustainable mobility.

    Jean-Luc Favre, CEO, ABB Sécheron S.A
  • Electromobility is the real future of sustainable mobility in Geneva.

    Thierry Wagenknecht, Technical Director of TPG and Chairman of the UITP Bus Committee
  • This project is proof of the Canton's determination to become a centre of excellence in cleantech.

    Rolf Gobet, Director, OPI
  • Everyone is talking about smart grids. We are actually creating one!

    Alain Pittet, Manager of Energy Services, a.i

TOSA 2013

Flash mobility. Clean city. Smart Bus

A world premiere in sustainable mobility

The project aims to introduce a new system of mass transport with electric “flash” recharging of the buses at selected stops. This is innovative in different aspects:

  • Technological, as it goes beyond a traditional prototype and is based on 19m resp. 24m articulated buses.
  • Operational, as it involves operating this mode of transport in an urban context, with all its notable constraints.

To implement this innovation, a pilot operation on an urban public transport line has been envisaged. This will be showcased, for the first time, at the UITP 2013 conference that will be held in Geneva. Vistors to the UITP will therefore be able to use electric public transport without overhead lines.

Reduction of CO2 emissions and noise

As for trolleybuses, TOSA is silent and has no CO2 emissions. This solution contributes to the reduction of atmospheric pollution and noise in cities.

Improving the urban space and visual impact in cities

TOSA allows the removal of the overhead wires which are unattractive especially in historic and touristic areas of cities or can be a major inconvenience to the residents of buildings to which the wires are attached.

Using renewable energies and participating in energy efficiency

Energy is drawn from the grid and stored at the “flash” stations, thereby avoiding short peaks of energy consumption. Thanks to the opportunity charging, a minimal amount of energy needs to be stored on the vehicle so energy is not unnecessarily consumed transporting heavy batteries.

Compatibility with strict and demanding operational conditions

TOSA is designed to function on lines with high frequencies. It meets the onerous demands of main lines in cities during rush hours. Without catenary lines, the journey of the TOSA bus can be adapted in case of traffic disruptions or accidents on the line.

Guarantee of a high standard in terms of safety and public health

The energy transfer technologies through direct contact have been developed with the health and safety of all passengers in mind. There are no electro-magnetic field emissions. The overhead connector is only energised when there is a vehicle connected to it and so avoids the risks associated with kilometres of live overhead conductors.


ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in nearly 100 countries and employs approximately 145,000 people.

The Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies mission is to stimulate the development of industrial companies of the region by providing business support, notably on new and emerging markets.

The Transports publics genevois (tpg) is the leading transport operator in the France-Vaud-Geneva conurbation. It contributes to managing mobility across the region by proposing a quality service that respects principles of sustainable development. In all its activities, tpg seeks to ensure service excellence for the general public. tpg operates within the framework of a service contract that is renegotiated every four years with the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

SIG is an essential part of everyday life for the people of Geneva, supplying them with water, gas, electricity and thermal energy. With its strong commitment to sustainable development, SIG recycles rubbish, treats waste water and provides innovative services in the telecoms and utilities sectors.



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